Friday, March 13, 2009

March 13,2009
Drake had his Chinese dinner and caught up on the local news.

"Look Mr.Miller...just like our Social Studies class!"

Time Off...

Fish Tacos, a stroll through downtown Los Altos, and just chill'in California style. Life is always GOOD when hanging out in CA at Carol's house!


March 13, 2009 Our Ironman Drake was in perfect mode today! He laid so still the technicians could not believe it. Drake had a strap around his forehead in the Brain SPECT Scan but needed no tape for the MRI machine. He was on a role today, in great spirits and determined to get through the testing as quickly as possible. When he was done with all the testing in record time today we asked him what he would like to do on a Friday night in CA. "I would like to have California Chinese." Since he had not been able to eat all day we thought that was the least we could do for our HERO!

Arriving in San Jose, CA

March 11, 2009

Drake took a picture of the plane after we walk off and headed to find Carol. "We're here Mom, we are in California!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Back in CA...we will fill in the details later!

March 12, 2009
Life just gets busy...
Back to school, raising the farm critters, Special Olympics, 4-H and all the other things teenage boys do!
Drake has continued to show improvement on so many levels since his Moya Moya surgeries in September of 2008. His speech and memory has improved greatly. He recalls events better than mom and dad! Drake has improved his math and reading ability and continues to love school.
We have had good intentions of keeping the web site updated but time and life does fly by. As you read future journal entries you just might find we will move back in history to fill you in from Sept 2008 to March 2009. But all in all life has been full of many BLESSINGS as we continue on Drake's amazing journey of LIFE. Life truly is for the living and Drake knows how to fill it to the brim!
We have returned to Stanford Medical Center in California for a week of follow up testing after Drake's surgeries. We will post daily on Drake's Caring Bridge site as the week goes by to keep in touch with our many family and friends. We hope for good news and Drake continues to improve his many skills.
He is as happy and determined as ever. Always a smile and a spirit about him that can take on anything. Please pray for his continued progress as we reconnect with our many doctors and support staff here at Stanford. As you well know...we truly BELIEVE IN THE POWER OF PRAYER!!
Keep in touch our Dear Family and Friends. You are welcome to send a note on his Caring Bridge Site. It is because of you this journey continues and Drake thrives in the love and support you have given him in his life!

Friday, September 26, 2008

Drake is Famous on the West Coast!

September 26, 2008

Check this link for the newspaper article on Drake Taylor in the San Jose California Mercury Newspaper.
Thank you to Dr. Steinberg, Robert Dicks, Tood Kleinheinz, Reporter Linda Goldston and Photographer Karen Borchers for
"Drake's Moment of Fame in California"!


SEPTEMBER 24, 2008

Wednesday, September 24, 20008

Wednesday morning brought a call from Robert Dicks asking us if Drake could return to the hospital for an interview with the San Jose, CA Mercury Newspaper "The Mercury News". We met with reporter Linda Goldston and photographer Karen Borchers to share Drake's story and to speak with Dr. Steinberg. Drake was interviewed for an article that will be out this weekend - Sept 26 or 27, 2008.

Lunch with "THE DUKE"!

We thought a little celebration was in order after the last clinic visit and the "OK" to head back east
to Illinois. We found a restaurant that advertised "The Best Texas Barbecue Around". Low and Behold Drake was able to eat with "The Duke". Drake was thrilled when we walked in and a picture of John Wayne was on the wall.
"Mom, I want to sit over there!"
The smile says it all!

Last of the paper work!

Drake turned in his final folder for this trip. Drake pointed to his shirt to inform the lady behind the desk he was going home to Illinois. Drake wore his cowboy boots and the Illinois shirt his Uncle Dave sent him last week to the clinic visit. Drake wanted everyone to know that the purpose of this trip was to be released from the medical care and head back home to Illinois!

Some of Drake's New Friends!

Drake took a picture with his new friends after the clinic visit. Todd Kleinheinz (left) and Robert Dicks (far right) are from the Media Relations Department of the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital. Teresa Bell-Stephens, RN (center) is a member of Dr. Steinberg's Team. The Hospital is doing a story on Drake, Dr. Steinberg and the Moya Moya diagnoses and surgeries. Drake was happy to be a part of the story and filming of the video.

Let Me See...

Drake and his family were able to see the results of the final MRI taken on Sunday 9/21/08 at the clinic visit on Tuesday 9/23/08. All looked good, just a little swelling on the right side of the brain which is normal at this stage of recovery.

The Final Round...

September 23, 2008
The final clinic visit at Dr. Steinberg's office. Teresa Bell-Stephens, the Nurse Coordinator for Dr. Steinberg's office, was testing Drake for strength and endurance. He passed with flying colors! Teresa then told Drake it was official...he could return home and start doing chores at the barn again! Drake just wanted to know when he could go back to school again and start doing homework!

One More Trip left...

Sunday, Sept 21, 2008
Down to the parking deck once again. Just a clinic visit left on the list for Tuesday, Sept.23!
Dunlap here we come!